The price of each puppy is listed in the description of the puppy. Once you see a puppy that you interested in, send us an inquiry with the name of the puppy. Use the Contact form provided in our website. You can click here to access this form. Make sure to leave your name, phone number and email. We will get back to you and proceed with the trade.


Once we have reached an agreement, you will decide whether to make payment by walmart 2 walmart, moneygram or western union. If you pick any of those options, we will give you details on how to make the payment. Once this is done, we'll require a picture of the transaction receipt. Once payment is confirmed, the puppy will be shipped to the address you have provided. If you desire to come and pickup the puppy yourself, all payments will be accepted in cash.

Shipping and Delivery

Once you have provided us with an address, we'll take the puppy you bought to a shipping agency and register it for shipping to your address. You'll have to provide us with the time frame in which you'll be home to welcome the puppy so that we find a shipper who can deliver the puppy to you within that time frame. Please, we will want our puppies to be received by the buyer and we request confirmation pictures showing the buyer and the puppy upon delivery.